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Preparing for Your Australian Adventure: How Mist Simplifies Your Pre-Arrival Checklist

The journey to study in Australia is filled with anticipation and a lengthy to-do list. Especially for international students managing preparations from abroad. From setting up a bank account, having seamless communication upon arrival, the tasks ahead can seem daunting. Mist, a dedicated app for international students, aims to streamline these essential preparations. Letting you focus on the excitement of your upcoming adventure. Here’s how Mist can help simplify your pre-arrival preparations.

Setting Up Your Australian Bank Account:

A crucial step toward financial independence in Australia is establishing a bank account. Traditional methods can be cumbersome and need your physical presence. Mist revolutionizes this process for international students. Enabling you to remotely open a bank account with leading Australian banks. This pre-arrival setup means you can access your funds immediately upon landing. Offering a smooth transition to your new life.

Securing Your Communication Needs:

In today’s connected world, ensuring you have reliable communication is paramount. Mist facilitates the setup of your Australian SIM card before you even depart home. Having plans tailored for international students. This pre-arranged connectivity ensures you can make calls, navigate, and stay in touch with loved ones from the moment you arrive. All without the hassle of shopping for SIM cards after a long flight.

Spend Like a Local:

Adjusting to a new currency and managing daily expenses can be challenging for any international student. Mist not only helps you set up your bank account but also equips you with tools to manage your spending. Track your expenses, set budget goals, and get insights into cost-saving practices. Ensuring your finances are well-managed from day one. With Mist, you’ll spend like a local, making the most of your budget in Australia.


Navigating your pre-arrival checklist for your adventure is simple with Mist. By facilitating essential tasks such as bank account setup and ensuring immediate connectivity. You will be able to manage your finances like a local, Mist allows you to embark on your journey with confidence. Prepare for your studies in Australia with ease, knowing that Mist has got your back every step of the way.